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Dirty gutters?  Clogged downspouts?

Just been a while since the gutters were cleaned?

No Problem!

Lions Share caters exclusively to the St.Paul and Minneapolis areas for your scheduling convenience on any gutter cleaning services.

Our unique 7 point inspection guarantees your gutter system will be clean and working properly in no time!

Your solution to dirty gutters.

Anyone who has lived in the Midwest knows a thing or two about unpredictable weather. While you might be warm and dry indoors, your home exterior is fighting against the elements.

Gutters are key to the quality of your property – If they aren’t working correctly, your home simply isn’t protected.

A property with dirty gutters deals with issues that include:

  • Water damage to your siding, roofline, and windows
  • Leaky windows
  • Weakened foundation
  • Landscaping erosion

There’s also an important health component to consider: Clogged gutters are a prime habitat for insects and mold. The quality of your home and the wellbeing of its inhabitants rely on clean gutters.

Lion’s Share Maintenance makes gutter cleaning easy for our customers. With a quick appointment, you’ll be on your way to a better home that is ready to stand up to any weather.

We treat your home like our own home


Lion’s Share Maintenance works hard to earn the long-term loyalty of our customers.

  • Complete insurance coverage.
  • Seven-point inspections.
  • Qualified technicians.
  • Established safety and quality control measures.

This means that every standard service includes:

  • Personalized and customized service
  • Friendly, skilled, and dedicated technicians
  • $2 million in liability insurance
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed

When our professionals arrive at your property, they’ll conduct an initial assessment to create a custom work plan. Then, we safely mount our ladders to clear your gutters, test for clogs, remove obstructions, and wash down the exterior. We work efficiently to bring you a ‘like new’ gutter system. After our team has cleaned up and parted ways, you’ll have a home that is ready to face any weather conditions.

We specialize in bringing a personal touch to every quality gutter cleaning service we deliver. Our team is proud to earn the trust of our customers… And we show it by bringing the best service possible to your home.

Why gutter cleaning matters

When customers ask us why gutter cleaning is important, we can’t stress enough how much these water-catching systems matter to your home. In the Minneapolis and St. Paul Metro area, rain is a common sight on the forecast.

Without functioning gutters, rainfall will slide down your roof and cascade down the side of your home. This means that your roof line and foundation are pummeled with a steady stream of water, which compromises the durability of your home.

There’s also the pest issue. Mosquitoes, mold, and mildew thrive on standing water. When your gutters are loaded down with leaves and gunk, they become a breeding ground for these unwanted issues.

Regularly maintained gutters protect your home in any weather. From the immediate benefits to the long-term perks, you’re always getting something positive from your gutter cleaning service.

Lion’s Share Maintenance is proud to offer gutter cleaning services that are just a little bit different from the competition. From personalized solutions to customized service, we center our approach around you. Get better gutters without the hassle and choose our team for your gutter cleaning needs!

Our unique gutter inspection leaves you knowing that your gutters were properly assessed for potential issues before they cause any major problems to your home.

We also install Gutter Guards for your home or business.

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