Gutter Cleaning Services in Minneapolis and St. Paul Minnesota

Gutter Cleaning Twin Cities 

Our Unique 7 Point Inspection

 Each Job Includes:

🍂 Clear gutters of all debris 🍂


🔩 Check that rivets are secure 🔩


👀 Inspect the systems pitch 👀


🍁Downspouts are snaked and flushed 🍁


🛠 Hangers and Suspension checked 🛠


💦Water flow test💦


🏡 Check all seals for leaks 🏡



It’s Very Important that your Gutter System Is FULLY Inspected Upon EACH Gutter Cleaning Service 👷

Your solution to dirty gutters.

Anyone who has lived in the Midwest knows a thing or two about unpredictable weather. While you might be warm and dry indoors, your home exterior is fighting against the elements.

Gutters are key to the quality of your property – If they aren’t working correctly, your home simply isn’t protected.

A property with dirty gutters deals with issues that include:

  • Water damage to your siding, roofline, and windows
  • Leaky windows
  • Weakened foundation
  • Landscaping erosion

There’s also an important health component to consider: Clogged gutters are a prime habitat for insects and mold. The quality of your home and the wellbeing of its inhabitants rely on clean gutters.

Lion’s Share Maintenance makes gutter cleaning easy for our customers. With a quick appointment, you’ll be on your way to a better home that is ready to stand up to any weather.

Frequently asked questions

If you have questions, someone else may have already asked!

How can you provide a bid without coming out and looking at my home?

After mastering the services we provide we have created systems to our pricing to make it simple for everyone involved.

About 85% of residential services can be bid right over the phone with one of our office staff by looking your home up on Bing Maps or Google and asking questions about your home that will help us price your job.

More complex jobs , homes we cannot view online or certian services may require an in person bid.

Want in an person bid? No worries 🙂

Give us a call and we can set a time for one of our crew leader to come out and meet with you about your project.

What Does The Average Gutter Cleaning Job Cost?

Gutter Cleaning for the Twin Cities starts at $139.00

Average 1 story rambler with gutters on 2 sides: $139.00

Modest 2 story home with gutters on 2 sides : $169.00

Modest 2 story home with gutters on all 4 sides: $189.00

Gutter Cleaning pricing is determined by:

  • How tall your home is
  • How many liner Sqare Feet of gutters you have
  • Pitch of your roof on your home
  • Tree coverage

Have questions about pricing or want to discuss your project?

Give us a call (651)330-2810

How long does a Gutter Cleaning Job take to complete ?

Some jobs take as long as a few hours, some as little as 10 minutes.

The length of time a crew spends at your home can vary.

Some gutter issues can be solved by simply removing a handful of debris covering a downspout.

Other jobs the entire system is packed and takes hours. THere is no way of telling until we get up there and assess what needs to be done.

All of our gutter cleaning work is 100% satisfaction guarenteed.

Feel free to contact us with any questions or concers you have prior to booking your Gutter Cleaning job.

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