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No window is immune to wear and tear.  But when you’ve got a whole house full of them, the impact shows.  Window Panes are exposed to the “great outdoors” around the clock.  This means that they’re constantly getting hit with dirt, dust, pollen, mold, mildew, algae, insects, leaves…. The list is exhaustive.  All of this debris makes its mark on your panes, creating a film-like layer over the glass.

This weathering doesn’t just affect your aesthetic experience inside your St Paul home or business.  It also significantly cuts down the lifetime of your window system.  Without regular cleaning services, mold, algae, and other natural bacteria eat away at your window frame, dull your windows and deteriorate the trim.  Many of our St Paul Window Cleaning Customers don’t fully grasp how dirty their windows were until post-cleaning service.  We love showing our clients the after-effects of a window cleaning solution well done!

Property services should be easy for our customers.  This is the attitude that guides the Lion’s Share Maintenance Team.  We work hard to deliver a complete solution that emphasizes quality, great service, and excellent results.  It starts with our Free Estimate, a simple process that gives you specs on the job ahead in a matter of moments.  Once we’ve settled on a service date and time that makes the most sense for you, our team gets to work.

With regulated safety measures, careful attention to detail, and a rigorous inspection protocol, we don’t ever leave your property until a job meets our standard.  That window cleaning service will always include:
1.  Safe and effective water-fed pole technology to clean your windows.
2.  Biodegradable, chemical-free cleaners
3.  Skilled Technicians
4.  $2 Million in Liability insurance coverage
5.  100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Our team wants customers in the St Paul and Minneapolis Metro area to get the most out of their window washing.  And it all starts with a window cleaning service in St Paul that functions above and beyond the norm.

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What our customers are saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!


“They called ahead exactly when I expected and arrived on time. A crew of two men worked efficiently to clean the gutters and windows. They did excellent work, and though I have more than 90 windows, they were done within 2 hours. Money well spent!!”

Karen M.


“It was excellent! Every contact that I’ve had with the company is always very, very customer service oriented. They are so friendly and super easy to talk to. They always go above and beyond to answer all of my questions and they do not rush me. They are very good at explaining things to you and also are very comfortable with you watching over the work that they do. They are so pleasant to work with!”

Sue O.


“Outstanding! They arrived early, talked with us about any special requests or concerns, went right to work and did an excellent job on both the gutters and windows.”

Carl C.


“I received a mailer and gave them a call.  The office staff was pleasant and professional, and they were able to get the work done when I needed it, letting me know that I could call back to reschedule if there were still leaves on the trees as the date approached.  They were able to give me a quote over the phone by looking at Google earth — it couldn’t have been easier.  It rained on the scheduled date, so they showed up the next day, without my having to reschedule it.

I shared their name with my next door neighbor, and they will be doing her house next week. ”

Clare L.


“They arrived early (and called first to ask if that would be okay with me), and I walked them through the house pointing out the windows I’d chosen for washing.  They work in tandem – one person cleaning the outside as the second person cleans the inside so they can catch every little spot.  The also remove and clean the screens.  The windows look great!  This is the second year I’ve used Lions Share Maintenance for windows, and I expect to call them again in the future!”

Kristin B.


“The two young men were very professional, got right to work, did a quality job, and wrapped things up nicely. I’d hire Lions Share again.”

Candace K.

Call us today at (651) 330-2810

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Frequently asked questions

If you have questions, someone else may have already asked!

How can you provide a bid without coming out and looking at my home?

After mastering the services we provide we have created systems to our pricing to make it simple for everyone involved.

Most residential services can be bid right over the phone with one of our office staff by looking your home up on Bing Maps or Google and asking questions about your home that will help us price your job.

More complex concerns, stains or services may require an in person bid.

How does your company count windows?

We understand that all window cleaning companies count windows differently and this can make it confusing as a customer.

We are here to walk you through how to count your windows and can make it even easier by breaking down our window cleaning deals in to panes.

For example: 20 windows cleaned at $199 is equal to 40 panes at $199.

Still have questions? Call us today and one of our office staff can walk you through it. We can also send a technician out to do an in person window count so you don’t have to.

How do you prevent water from getting under my siding during a house wash AND How do you prevent damage to my siding during a house wash?

While most companies that provide exterior house washes use pressure to clean, Lions Share Maintenance uses a detergent along with a soft washing technique to clean your homes exterior surface.

Our soft wash technique is an intensive 2 step process that assures the same excellence on every job site.

Step 1: Our technicians apply our detergent to completely break down all organic material.

Step 2: Our technicians rinse the surface with minimal pressure to remove all mold, mildew, dirt and grime.

Our soft washing process is the new industry standard for exterior cleaning maintenance on residential homes giving us the ability to clean siding without the risk of damage or water intrusion.

If you have additional questions or concerns about our pressure washing services please call our office.

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Time and cost effective work – We will be on time, all of the time. You will always know that you have a professional staff on site. Our pricing is simple, call (651) 330-2810 and someone can walk you through an over the phone estimate.

Professional quality service – Lions Share Maintenance has over 10 years of experience in all aspects of window cleaning in Minneapolis.

Easy to deal with – If you have a problem, we can help you fix it. Graduation party? Holiday Celebration? Just give us 48 hours notice and we can get someone over for a one time cleaning.

You have found the right company with Lions Share Maintenance – Minneapolis Window cleaning should not be a hassle. Let us handle this tedious task on your Minneapolis or St Paul property so you can focus on the other aspects of your life. Call today to set up an appointment for a free estimate!

Lions Share Maintenance uses the unique water fed pole system to clean most exterior windows. Our water fed poles can reach up to 5 stories! The concept is similar to the hard water spots left on your dishes after washing them. The spotting left on your dishes is dried water with minerals still in it. Our system removes all impurities from the water, leaving a spot and streak free window.  Please put your trust in us and allow our Minneapolis Window Washing Company to take care of this.